I am a south  Indian which in other words means that I eat idli or dosa at least once in 3 days!
you might be confused if you are not an Indian .. idli is just steamed rice cakes ..and dosa is a type of thin rice batter pancake .Usually it is eaten with sambar or chutney..sambar is just a curry made of veggies and some dal and chutney is usually made out of coconut by my mum ! :D
Both are actually totally yummy if they are made well. .I sometimes get bored when i eat the same thing the whole week for whole week of idli as breakfast is not that exciting.But it is very easy to make so most of the mothers end up making it ,most of the days.i used to make the dosa when i was in ukg (upper kindergarten ),when i was 5 years old
The best best chutney my mom makes at least according to me,it is the garlic chutney. .All you have to use is garlic greenchilli and onions! and you have to saute them and grind...and you will get the awsomest (best) chutney in the world,.and also the tomato chutney.. it is just like salsa ..except that we have to grind it in a mixer.


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